Get ready to start the challenge

The challenge starts on Monday 17th October and runs for 28 days, finishing on Sunday 13th November.

Your team’s objective

How many ‘Healthy You Points’ can your team earn in 28 days?the-14

Your team members have a choice of six health goals. Each team member picks one health goal that is most relevant to them and follows the Personal Training Plan for that goal over the 28 days.

Each Personal Training Plan has 5 rituals to follow each day, although for the plan for ‘Improve my lifestyle’ individual’s create the rituals they want to follow. Each team member earns one ‘Healthy You Point’ for each ritual they complete each day (the exception is smoking where you get 5 ‘Healthy You Points’ for every day that you are smoke free) – a maximum of 35 points each week and 140 points for the 4 week challenge per team member.

The team with the most ‘Healthy You Points’ in 28 days is the winner. There is also a prize for the individual who contributes the most ‘Healthy You Points’ to their team.

What to do if you’re a Team Manager

Step 1 – Register your team

First of all register your team – you will need your Compass PIN Code which is Compass1, simply click on the link ‘Register your team’ on the home page, BUT BEFORE YOU DO make sure you have:

  • A team name (remember there’s a prize for the best team name)
  • The names of your team members
  • An email address for each team member

You can register up to 5 people, including yourself, in your team.

Step 2 – Make sure your team know what to do

Direct them to this website and tell them to check out the ‘My Health Coach’ section. My Health Coach provides all the instructions for how to take part in the challenge; how to get started; and the personal support that is available from the My Health Coach team.

Check out this section yourself first and also make sure your team members are aware of the personal support they can get from Andrew at the My health Coach Team – remind them they have unlimited access to this online support at

Step 3 – Once the challenge starts

Once the challenge starts your job is to keep your team members motivated throughout the challenge and contributing ‘Healthy You Points’ each week.

The start date is Monday 17th October and the finish date is Sunday 13th November.

Each week runs from Monday to Sunday and at the end of each week you will need to enter each of your team members’ ‘Healthy You Points’ for that week. You do this by clicking on the button ‘Enter weekly data’ on the home page. Here’s how to do it:

  • Your team members can earn up to 5 ‘Healthy You Points’ each day – it doesn’t matter which Personal Training Plan they follow, each one offers the same number of points to earn..
  • Get your team members to report their weekly points to you at the end of each week
  • Once you’ve got everyone’s results, go to the Home page of this website and click on the ‘Enter weekly data’ button. Enter each team member’s weekly result and your team’s result will be automatically calculated.

Step 4 – When the challenge finishes

At the end of the challenge (Sunday 13th November) you will have until 5pm on Friday 18th November to enter your final week’s results, then the challenge will be closed.

On Monday 14th November, Andrew from the My Health Coach Team, will email all your team members with a link to an online survey about the challenge. Your job is to encourage everyone to complete the survey by 5pm on Friday 18th November – it only takes 3 minutes to complete.

Let your team members know that, in the event of a tie (i.e. where there are two or more teams with the same point’s total) the team who have the most team members completing the survey will be the winner. If two or more teams are tied on this basis as well, then those teams will be placed into a prize draw to determine the winner.

Because all surveys are completed anonymously, in the event of a tie in the individual competition, those individuals who are tied in first position will be placed directly into a prize draw to determine the winner.


  • Team overall prize – £250 of Supercheque Vouchers
  • Individual overall prize – £100 of Supercheque Vouchers
  • Plus, Team name prize – £125 of Supercheque Vouchers

The winners will be announced during the week commencing Monday 5th December.

Supporting you

If, as Team manager, you are unsure about what to do, or if you need advice on managing your team, then please contact Andrew from the My Health Coach Team at

During the challenge Andrew will also be sending out weekly emails to all challenge participants, so tell your team members to look out for these.

Good luck and if you have any questions just email Andrew!