Success Stories

3112, 2014


The key to eating out and watching your diet is to find a happy medium between enjoying yourself and enjoying healthier food options – follow these simple tips to help you keep an eye on your weight and waist when eating out:

Order small portions

Most restaurants serve oversized portions, so:

Order half a portion or share with a friend;
Select from the […]

3112, 2014


Snacks are important, as eating little and often is now recognised as the best way to keep your metabolism on an even keel and at the same time to regulate your blood sugar levels. But snacks do add to your daily calorie count so choose wisely.

Nuts are packed full of protein and fibre, and are a rich source […]

3112, 2014


Safe and trusted apps to help you manage your health
Please see useful apps that you may wish to try during the challenge. Reviewed by the NHS to ensure they are clinically safe.