Welcome to the ‘28 days to a Healthy You’  Team Challenge

28 days to a Healthy You

Whether you want to lose weight, quit smoking, be more active or have your own personal goal, this challenge is great for becoming a healthier person and seeing the results right before your eyes.

Being a healthier you can be easier than you think, simply eating a healthy diet, keeping to a healthy weight, getting enough sleep, not smoking and increasing exercise can result in significant positive health changes.

The challenge – which team can register the most ‘Healthy You Points’ in just 28 days?

3 steps to a Healthy You:

  1. Calculate your heath age
  2. Choose your goal
  3. Follow the Personal Training Plan for your goal

Whichever health goal you choose, your Personal Training Plan will give you 5 simple rituals to follow each day. You earn one ‘Healthy You Point’ for your team, for each ritual you follow each day. The team with the highest number of points at the end of the 28 day challenge is the winner.


  • Team overall prize – £250 of Supercheque Vouchers
  • Individual overall prize – £100 of Supercheque Vouchers
  • Plus, Team name prize – £125 of Supercheque Vouchers

Join the Compass Challenge now

  • Designate a Team Manager
  • Think of a team name
  • Teams can be up to 5 people
  • Register your team using the links below
  • Everyone – go to My Health Coach for instructions on how to take part
  • Team Managers – go to Team Managers for instructions on what you need to do



Register your team

Team Manager's enrol their teams, think of a team name, gather the email addresses of team members and click the register your team button. You will need your Compass PIN Code which is Compass1

Enter your team's weekly results

At the end of each week, simply enter your team's results.